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Time is Money

Time management is the key to success. Interruptions can be expensive, some interruptions are important and some are not. We need to be able to identify which will be beneficial and we need to say No! to interruptions that will not bring any benefit and will only waste time.

A vision and a plan are the cornerstones of time management, we need to have a clear vision of what we want to achieve, and a plan that we can follow and track; once we have divided our plan into actionable items we can schedule them and set deadlines. Deadlines need to be aligned with our plan and vision. We don't want to spend time working on tasks that ultimately will not bring any benefit, we must avoid these at all costs. We need to have discipline when following a plan.

The Myth of multitasking:

Ok, ok we are busy most of the time and we will try to do two, three, four or five things at the same time..! But our brain was not made to focus on more than one tasks at the same time! We can try to multitask but we will only over stimulate our brain and create unnecessary stress, our performance will suffer, and over time this will take a toll on our health. Why take any chances, if we can organize and plan our activities?

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